Major Outputs

WECS has gained its recognition from both national and international institutions for the works it had done so far in the water and energy sector. It has conducted many research and study programs related to water and energy sector development. The formulation of the National Water Resources Strategy and National Water Plan with the main objectives to develop a set of specific short, medium and long term actions plans for the water sector including programs and projects, investments and human resources for the short term (5 years) , medium term (15 years) and long term (25 years) including the environmental management plan have been completed. Some of the major studies carried out by WECS are listed below:

  • Formulation of Water Resources strategy of Nepal , 2002;
  • National Water Plan, 2005;
  • Perspective Energy Plan, Supportive Document (1994);
  • Regional and National Level Energy Resources and Consumption Profile of Nepal (1990-2000);
  • District Wise Water Use Inventory Study (1995-2000);
  • District Wise Micro hydro Inventory Study of all hilly districts (1991-1997);
  • Rapid Appraisal of Irrigations Projects (20 Projects);
  • Inventory on Tube-well Use (18 Districts);
  • Prepared and submitted a position paper on Duties, Responsibilities and Authority of Upper and Lower Riparian Countries in water Resources use t o the speaker of House of Representatives and Members of the Parliamentary Monitoring Committee;
  • Himalayan Sediments study on GOLF;

Beside this, other achievements of WECS are:

  • Preparation, Publication and distribution of Technical Reports in water, Energy, Environmental, Legal and social Sector.
  • Strategic Planning and Operational Capacity enhancement of WECS
  • Action Linkage program between WECS and its stakeholders such as Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University etc.
  • Provided technical input at various levels in the preparation of
    • Policy development
    • Sectoral Master Plans
    • Guidelines (water resources, environmental, gender, socio-economic)
    • Ranking and inventory Studies
    • Regional Water and power Development Initiatives
    • Irrigation Policy
    • Water Resources Act
    • Electricity Act
    • Nepal Electricity Authority Act (Amendment)
  • More than 500 studies and research projects have been conducted by WECS, which are available in its own library equipped with a computerized data base system.