Objectives And Mandate

Objectives of WEC

The Commission has the the following objectives:

  • To provide assistance to the concerned ministries in formulation policies and objectives to be included in the perspective/periodic plan relating to the water resources and energy sector.
  • To provide suggestion, recommendations and guidance with regard to the multipurpose (mega and medium scale only) projects' development as well as to irrigation, hydropower, drinking water, industrial use of water, flood management and water navigation; and also regarding the promotion and development of such mega and medium scale projects, and protection of environment aspects relating to the above sectors.
  • To formulate policies and strategies for the water resources and energy sector.
  • To render opinion, advice and recommendation on the bilateral and multilateral issue relating to water resources and energy.
  • Mandate of WEC

The function, duties and rights of the commission are as follows:

  • To review and cause to review the multipurpose, mega and medium scale water resources projects before they are sanctioned by the GoN, and recommend for their implementation as well.
  • To formulate and cause to formulate on necessary policies and strategies conducting study, research, survey and analysis with regard to various aspects of water resources and energy development in keeping with priorities and targets of the GoN.
  • To analyze and cause to analyze the bilateral or multilateral projects relating to the development of water resources and energy, to formulate policies in this respect, and to review the detailed study and analysis of such projects.
  • To enact and causes to enact the necessary laws pertaining to the development of water resources and energy.
  • To establish and causes to establish the coordination among national and sectoral policies relating to water resources and energy sector.